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Samantha Leivers

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Mar 2011

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Sep 2014

Samantha Leivers

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How do men judge and respond to perceived female infidelity?


My research investigates the cues used by men to determine perceived threat of sperm competition in terms of female attractiveness and how they respond with both physiological and behavioural sperm competition tactics. I am also studying the effects of facial attractiveness on perceptions of trustworthiness and faithfulness, and the discrepancies between these dimensions of trust.

Why my research is important

Sperm quality in human populations is declining rapidly and whilst there has been considerable research on the environmental factors that may influence sperm quality, establishing psychological or situational cues that affect sperm quality has been relatively unexplored in humans. By looking at men's level of phenotypical plasticity in sperm quality in response to these possible cues, we may be able to develop methods for increasing sperm quality on a short or long-term basis which, in turn, might be useful in the assisted reproduction industry.


  • School of Animal Biology, UWA
  • ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders