Animal Biology

Sarah Lau

BSc (Communication Studies)[now Science Communication]
Media and Communications Coordinator, ChemCentre WA

I joined ChemCentre in 2009. I am responsible for the public profile of the organisation, from media duties through to marketing and all communication-related activities in between.

I have also started a science communication consultancy, with my biggest project to date involving the development and delivery of a presentation for UWA, featuring its high profile scientists for Malaysian audiences.

I have had some fantastic opportunities throughout my career so far, presenting my work to international audiences, performing annually at the National Science Week science comedy debates, and MCing the Premier’s Science Awards.

The skills I learnt in the Science Communication program have been invaluable and I feel that I continually use these skills in my work. The ability to take scientific knowledge, break it down and then communicate it in a clear and understandable way is an important skill for a scientist, and is something that is reinforced at UWA.