Animal Biology

Cassandra Rowles

BA, BSc (Hons),
Master of Science Communication and Education

Reptile Wrangler, Roaming Reptile Education


During my Masters degree at UWA, I started my own business in environmental education.

I travel to schools, birthday parties and community fairs throughout the Perth area chatting to kids and parents about snakes and lizards and what they can do to protect our natural environment and native reptiles.

ne of the things I most enjoy about my job is getting to chat to people who have the opinion that “the only good snake’s a dead snake” and changing their mind. I also absolutely love seeing the look of joy and amazement on someone’s face when they hold a snake for the first time, perhaps overcoming a fear.

I find that the skills I learned in Science Communication are very valuable to my work. The practical nature of the units allowed me to try new things and learn from my mistakes in a very supportive environment. I can now confidently design and write my own website content, fact sheets, flyers and display material!