Animal Biology

Caris Allen

BSc (Environmental Management and Land and Water Management),
Grad Dip (Science Communication)

Research Account Manager, Kalyx Agriculture

At Kalyx Agriculture I use my science degree as much as I use my communication degree.

Kalyx is a contract research company that conducts field research for various agronomy and plant breeding companies.

I manage the plant breeding clients, and I am the link between the agronomists in the field and the clients, communicating with them on a daily basis to set up and maintain the research programs.

Most importantly I keep the clients up-to-date with their research trials so that they remain involved and informed throughout the whole process.Science Communication really put another feather in my cap.

According to my boss, my postgraduate Science Communication degree was a big part of the reason I got my job at Kalyx. It put me a ‘step above’ my competitors and meant that I wasn’t just another science graduate – I was a science graduate with workplace-ready skills.