Animal Biology

Anke Van Eekelen

MSc (Medical Biology) PhD (Neuroscience),>br> Graduate Diploma (Science Communication)
Freelance Health and Medicine Journalist, ScienceNetwork WA,
Administrative Editor, Respirology

ScienceNetwork WA is an online science ‘newspaper’ and Respirology is an international peer reviewed journal in respiratory medicine that publishes research studies from around the world.

As a journalist I look for science stories within my field of expertise to write about. My news reports are based on credible background research around the topic and interviews with WA scientists.

At Respirology, I manage the peer review process of newly submitted research papers. The Journal relies on a team of editors, with specific expertise in various fields of respiratory medicine and research.

My science communication study opened my eyes as to what new technologies are available to bring science from the experts to the public. Both journalism and editing require specific ways of optimising the opportunity to share science information but the fundamentals to make it work are very similar.