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Elizabeth Fox


Start date

Mar 2004

Submission date

Nov 2007


Elizabeth Fox

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Call-independent identification in birds


So far all work on acoustic identification has been done using a) single song types or limited song repertoires and b) relatively simple methods like cross-correlation, eyeball comparisons of spectrograms, or discriminant function analysis. These techniques are limited in the extent of how finely they can dissect the signal and in their ability to deal with any complexity in the vocal repertoire. I aim to develop methods of voice recognition whereby an individual can be identified regardless of the song type made.

Why my research is important

The ability to do this is likely to revolutionise individual recognition in birds, and other animals, and will be of particular value for work on threatened species, such as the noisy scrub bird and the western bristlebird, which cannot be captured or marked by conventional methods.


  • The University of Western Australia - School of Animal Biology
  • Birds Australia Stuart Leslie Bird Research Award
  • Janice Klumpp Award