Animal Biology


We have five dedicated research strengths and place a major emphasis on the postgraduate research programs.

Each of these strengths reflects the interests of our world leading researchers, each uses state-of-the-art equipment, methods and facilities in the quest to further our understanding of animal biology.

Animals and Industry
The clean, green, ethical concept drives our research in the science of animal production. Our focus is on pasture-based production systems, but we also work with intensive industries (pigs, chickens, dairy), including aquaculture.
Ecology and conservation
We research how animals interact with other species and with their physical environment. This fundamental ecological understanding is required to conserve endangered species and protect their habitats with effective, evidence-based methods. Our research takes us to habitats from suburban backyards to deserts and the depths of the sea.
Evolutionary Biology
The Centre for Evolutionary Biology is an integral part of the School. Our research explores evolutionary responses to selection at the phenotypic and genomic level, with the broad aim of discovering how organisms adapt to their changing environment.
By researching the nervous and sensory systems of animals we are discovering how animals detect light, chemicals, sound and other environmental cues, as well finding ways to explain abnormal brain development and treat traumatic neural injury in humans. Our work extends from animal behaviour and neuroecology, via fundamental neuroscience, to clinical trials, and encompasses animals from insects and crabs to mammals and sharks.
Science Communication
Science communicators interpret scientific and technological information and make it accessible to diverse audiences. They facilitate dialogue about science and technology with a goal to enhance understanding, discussion and informed decision making.
Postgraduate research profiles
Our postgraduate students are carrying out a variety of research work, from gene expression to the ecology of threatened populations. Our students work on invertebrates and vertebrates, from marine systems to the arid outback of Australia and beyond. The aim of our students is to achieve international excellence.
Science Global research showcase
Science is our key focus at The University of Western Australia. Discover how our research is expanding the boundaries of knowledge and changing lives for the better all over the world. Read, watch and be inspired!